Our job is to be the catalyst for discovering your ideal life and guide while you live it

Our comprehensive planning process helps us understand each client’s individual circumstances thoroughly.

As a Meritas client, you will interact directly with our seasoned professionals who have deep experience and sophisticated expertise in investment management and financial planning. Our professionals coordinate their efforts as a team which results in personal and attentive service.

Financial Planning
Creating a financial plan is like laying out a pathway for your future. Learn more

Our investment process begins by thoroughly educating you on your options.

Investment Advice
We provide you with recommendations that we believe will put you in a position to attain your goals. Learn more

We create financial plans with our clients, not for them.

We meet with you regularly to discuss life changes or new goals that may affect your ideal life.

Tax Planning
Your financial security is based not only on what you earn, but also on what you keep. Learn more

Retirement Planning
Meritas will assist you in laying out a customized plan for retirement, in an effort to help your assets grow with minimum risk, while maintaining consistent income in retirement. Learn more

Meritas strives to ensure that your charitable giving meets not only your philanthropic goals but is integrated with your financial and personal goals as well. Learn more

Specialized Services
Meritas can assist you with a variety of specialized financial services. Learn more